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The Microphones: Lanterns/Antlers 7" (K Records, 2002)

(7" cover, front, back, vinyl inner label, A, B)

The Microphones: Lanterns/Antlers 7"

-Another release with very little info available. No info on when or where this was recorded or by whom.

-Released in July 2002 on K Records ( Box Olympia, WA 98507) as part of the International Pop Underground Series (Volume CI/101). Catalog number IPU101.

-The cover appears to be drawn and designed by Phil, though no one is credited. These look like Phil's typical drawing/painting style. The front depicts a small hut or igloo in a snowstorm, glowing with light from inside. The B-side features the same hut either before or after this storm. A figure is visible in the doorway.

-Side A Features Jenn Kliese as "The Friend". Side B features "Prayer No.2" By G.I. Gurdzjieff, as performed by Thomas deHartmann.

-No idea how many were pressed or if K had a usual number for it's IPU releases. I'd guess no more than 1000-1500.

-As far as I know all o these are on black vinyl.

-Inner groove info is just the usual label items (IPU-101-A and B)

-These songs would later be collected on the "Song Islands" CD.*

*Though they would be absent from the Japanese import version on 7ep. In there place would be the song "Buzz, Buzz" previously included as one of several bonus tracks on the D+ album "Dandelion Seeds" (more on that in the "Song Islands Post")

-Other details of note on this records:

This is one of the first times on vinyl where the band is actually referred to, throughout, as "The Microphones". On most previous records the cover billed them simply as "Microphones".

The vinyl inner label is the full on Phil style label, hand-drawn in that "old book" color.

These songs are some typical instances where Phil has subtitled the tracks extensively (as on "The Moon", "I Whale" etc...)


One of the first Phil Elverum records I ever bought. I had many brushes with his music (which will be recounted as we go, as the releases go by) in the case of this 7" I think I remember being intrigued by the closed circuit-ness of it, the perfect loop of the song titles. Little did I know, years later, this 7" would be one of the most important experiences of my life. I think, in it's weird way, this could maybe be counted as "one of the records that changed my life" not so much because of the content of the music but because of the spark of inspiration which it catalyzed. Indeed this 7" would become the blueprint for the entire mix project (which I refer to from time to time in these posts) and much of mine and my close friends lives, then and to this day. This was the foundation for the entire epic art undertaking that would follow. This is where it all started. One single lantern held up in the dark, one single light, out there, in the deep woods, for us all to follow off into the wilderness of my mind and his mind and this world, our hearts.


Side A:

Lanters (or "Let Go Of Everything")

Side B:

Antlers (or "Come With Me, I Love You)


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