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Phil Elv(e)rum
(who are you, voice in headphones?) ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Green (redundant releases, album versions in different places, samplers etc…)
Blue (unknown release info, as in, no one is sure if this release ever happened or will)
Orange (random, unofficial, not exactly “discography” stuff, promos, etc. that I've come across)

*Redundant reissues and formats of releases may not be scattered chronologically, they are sometimes grouped with the first appearance of a release (i.e. the 1st and 2nd pressing of “It Was Hot…”, for example, are listed next to each other even though they clearly came out at different times in the actual chronological order). This is done for clarity’s sake and ease of seeing a release's particular history when I do not have a clear idea when a later release was put out. Most especially with the PW digital albums, which were all clearly put out at some later date than the actual releases of the albums, though I have no way of determining when.

*One should also note a new button in the top right hand corner of the blog, the "Discography" link, which will, theoretically, provide easy access to this page, which I will attempt to be constantly vigilant of updating. For some reason at the moment it insists on pulling up the entire front page of the blog rather than just the discography, a bug which I hope to fix soon. If anyone reading this sees that I have something wrong, erroneous, in the wrong place in the time-line or otherwise has any further info about any of these releases please let me know. It's a work-in-progress...

*Also, regarding the very first releases, ff anyone can confirm or deny how I have this set up let me know. Not sure if Tugboat or Mostly Clouds... came first. Not sure the years these were released. Not even sure if the band was called Tugboat or The Tugboat Fiasco.

Mostly Clouds And Trees

1996 (?)

Mostly Clouds and Trees "Beautiful Face" Cassette (Knw-yr-Own)


1997 (?)

Tugboat Cassette (Knw-yr-Own)

Tugboat Fiasco "Booklet"/"Zine" Cassette (150 copies, album notes)

(The) Microphones


X-ray Means Woman Cassette (Knw-yr-Own)

Wires and Cords Cassette (Knw-yr-Own)

Microphone Cassette (Knw-yr-Own)

Tests Cassette (Knw-YR-Own)

VA-Blw -Yr-Knows Compilation Cassette ("March Through Hell" & "Wires & Cords") (Knw-yr-Own)

“Microphone Mix” Cassette (Elsinor)

Jimi Sharp: International Man of Mystery Cassette (1 copy only, 50 copies reproduced later by Jimi, with Phil’s blessing, and given away at What the Heck Fest) (No label)

VA-FIB Issue 5 ½ Cassette (Various songs with different collaborators) (No label)

VA-Olympia Talent Show CDR (“Eight Months in Olympia” as well as various other contributions to other people’s songs) (Talent Show Records)

VA-Know Your Own CS (“In Sleep I Float Around” & “Where It’s Hotter Pt.3”) (Knw-yr-Own)

Tests CD (Phil Version, big text) (Elsinor)

Tests CD (Phil Version, small text) (Elsinor)

Tests CD (Version w/ color photocopies, no cardboard digipak) (Elsinor)

Unreleased Split 7" w/ Olivia Tremor Control and Moviola (Unknown unreleased track, Joe from Elsinor mentioned that he thinks there is a DAT of this song somewhere, that the single never came out and that he thinks the track has been unreleased elsewhere) (Elsinor)

Tests Cassette Reissue (Released as part of Record Store Day 2011, 25 copies with new packaging) (Technically not on a label)


Bass Drum Dream 7” (Black vinyl) (Up)

Feedback (Life, Love, Loop) 7” (Black vinyl) (The Bedtime Record)

VA-Yoyo-a-go-go 1999 CD (“Ocean One Two Three”) (Yo-Yo)

VA- 4 Dots CD (“Bass Drum Dream” slightly different mix than 7” version)(Montesano Records)

VA-The New Year's Resolutions comp. CD (“Deeply Burried” different version than the one that ended up on Song Islands) (hup!-booking/perishable)


Don’t Wake Me Up LP (w/poster and zine) (Black vinyl) (K)

Don’t Wake Me Up CD (K)

Moon, Moon 7” (Black vinyl) (K)

Window CD (Yo-Yo)

VA-Projector CD (“Wake Me Up”) (Yo-Yo)

VA-Hootenholler Comp. Cassette (“The Glow pt.4 [version]) (Love Tape Love)

I Can’t Believe You Actually Died 7” (Billed as "The Microphones Singers") (Black vinyl) (Coming In Second)

VA-Asteroids Compilation Cassette (Where It's Hotter) (1999) (Limited to 200 copies) (Dead Turtle Recordings)


It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water LP (1st press w/“pop-up” cover, black vinyl) (K)

It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water CD (K)

The Moon/Version 7” (Black vinyl) (Instatone Brand)

VA-Lullaby, Lullaby CD (“I Listen Close” different version than the one on Song Islands) (80 North)

VA-Remote Wing CD (“instrumental” & “Felt My Size” (A 2001 know-yr-own comp, CD and later digital album)

It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water LP (2nd press, black vinyl) (K)


The Glow Pt.2 Promo CD

The Glow Pt.2 LP (1st press w/poster, black vinyl) (K)

The Glow Pt.2 LP (European import, black vinyl) (K)

The Glow Pt.2 CD (K)

VA-The Way Things Change 7” (Orange vinyl) (Red Square)

Blood LP (Black vinyl) (St. Ives)

Blood (Digital album) (PW)

“Little Bird Flies into a Big Black Cloud” Book (formerly published as “Souvenirs”???)

Little Bird Flies into Big Black Cloud LP (Black vinyl) (St. Ives)

Little Bird Flies in a Big Black Cloud (Digital album) (PW)


The Glow Pt.2 LP (2nd press w/insert and no poster, black vinyl) (K)

“What Wonder by The Microphones” Book (2002)

Lanterns/Antlers 7” (Black vinyl) (K)

VA-Shipwreck Day CD (“I Cut My Hands Off”) (Knw-YR-Own) (later available as a digital album (What-th-heck)

VA- End of Tunnel Vision CD (“Phil Elvrum’s Will”) (Whirling Cloud)

VA- “Scottish compilation” (may or may not have been released) (“There’s No Invincible
Disguise That Lasts All Day”) (??)

Song Islands Promo CD (K)

Song Islands CD (w/hype sticker) (K)

Island Songs CD (Japanese import on the 7ep label/diff tracks)

Mt. Eerie CD (K)

Mt. Eerie CD (Japanese import on the 7ep label w/9 "excerpts" tracks from drums/singing from mt. eerie)

Mt. Eerie LP (Original Press w/ insert and poster, black vinyl, various colors of string) (K)

The Singing from Mt. Eerie 10” (Black ink cover) (Black vinyl) (K)

The Singing from Mt. Eerie 10" (Gold?/or Red? ink cover) (Black vinyl) (K)

The Drums from Mt. Eerie 10” (Black ink cover) (Black vinyl) (K)

The Drums from Mt. Eerie 10” (Gold ink cover) (Black vinyl) (K)

“Headwaters” an attempted explanation of Mt. Eerie (Book+CDR) (No label)

VA-Invisible Shield CD (“Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano”) (K)


Live in Japan CD (K)

Live in Japan LP (black vinyl with poster, hype sticker) (K)

Is This Music (UK Zine with CDR) (“Wooly Mammoth’s Mighty Absence”)


Live in Japan CD (Japanese import on the 7ep label, import w/2 extra songs)

Wise Old Little Boy DVD (FSR)


VA-FIB Issue 5 1/2 (10th Anniversary edition, Zine w/ CDR) (2007)

VA-Sidewalk Songs & City Stories: New Urban Folk (the track is listed as “Kanterns” is actually the usual version of “Lanterns”) (Trikont) (2007?)

Don’t Smoke/Get Off the Internet 7” (Clear Vinyl) (PW)

Don’t Smoke/Get Off the Internet 7” (White Vinyl) (PW)

Don’t Smoke/Get Off the Internet (Digital album) (PW)


The Glow Pt.2 2CD (Reissue, Japanese import on 7ep)

The Glow Pt.2 2CD (Reissue) (K)

The Glow Pt.2 3LP (Reissue, black vinyl) (K)

Mt. Eerie LP (Reissue, no insert, black vinyl, various colors of string. I'm guessing on the year here.) (K)


Mt. Eerie LP (Repress, no insert or poster, reverse colors on vinyl inner label, black vinyl. These were identical to the reissue, Phil apparently just happened to find some unsold copies laying around.) (K)


Microphones/Golden Boots/Bishop Allen/Paleo 4-way split 7" (PIATPK/Lost Sound Tapes)
(Came with three different covers, limited to 200 copies each. First, I think, twenty orders of all three also included coasters and other misc. freebies.)


"Big Dump" of Microphones stuff goes up in the iTunes store. I forget what stuff was in here before but I think what was added was: Tests, Blood, Window, Little Bird, The Glow pt.2 Disc 2. Not sure about Don't Wake Me Up, The Singing and The Drums From Mt. Eerie, It Was Hot..., Live In Japan etc... Anyone??


Microphones "I am not interested..." T-shirt (Hand screened, some with writing on both sides, the ones I've seen are both on burgundy shirts) (I think the person I got this from said it was from a Microphones tour, so I'm putting it here, no way to verify at this point.

Microphones "Mount Eerie" T-shirt (The one I've seen was white with a drawing of the mountain, K Records logo on back) (K)

Microphones "Mount Eerie" T-shirt 2 (The one I have is actually a girls baby tee, lime green. Features a different drawing of the mountain on the front

Microphones "Death" T-shirt (Yellow, screenprinted, K logo on back) (K)

"Microphones Souvenir Tarpaulin" ("from the 'I will sleep in your yard without you knowing' tour")

Mount Eerie


VA-What Tha Heck Fest 2003 CD (and later digital album) (“Voice In Headphones”) (What tha Heck)

VA-Turning Tutu/Turning Leaves Comp. (Kelp Monthly #3) (“Two Blonde Braids”) (Fall, 2003)

VA-Re-remembering Comp. Cassette ("Cold Mountain [Black]") (Unnecessary Friction Records)


Live in Copenhagen 3LP+digital download code included (Burnt Toast, this was later reissued with the DL code. Not sure if the original had one, or if it differed in any other way, it doesn't seem to)

VA-Pet Series Vol.3 CD (“The Boom”) (Volkoren)

Seven New Songs From Mount Eerie CDR (PW) (196 copies)

Seven New Songs From Mount Eerie (Digital album) (PW)

Two New Songs By Mount Eerie 12” (White vinyl) (PW)

VA-Trust in Sirens Comp (Kelp Monthly #10) (“Surrender”) (July 2004)

Renunciation (Live, DL only) (this placement is a guess based on the songs played)


Eleven Old Songs From Mount Eerie LP (w/CD, booklet and zine) (PW)

Eleven Old Songs From Mount Eerie (Digital album) (PW)

I Whale 7" (Blue vinyl, one-sided + screen print) (Bluesanct)

I Whale 7" ("Cloudy Weather" version. Limited to 13 copies. Blue/black cloudy vinyl) (Bluesanct)

Nobody’s Perfect (Live, DL only) (April, 2005) (Originally meant for a physical release, as ELV006, which never happened)

VA-The Believer Magazine (June 2005 Music Issue+ CD) (“Waterfalls”) (The Believer Magazine)

Split 7” w/ The Love of Everything (“Do Not Be Afraid, You Will Be in the World”) (White vinyl, Record Label) (June 27, 2005)

20 Bees 7" (Limited to 20 copies) (July, 2005???) (Twenty Bees)

VA-Flotsam & Jetsam CD and digital album (What the Heck Fest Comp 2005/KELP 19) (“No Flashlight”)

“Special Edition Song Book” (tiny photocopied book of poems “included in orders from PW Elverum, August 1st 2005, Anacortes) (PW)

VA- The Marriage Records Comp: Is Orange Birds (“It’s Not The Hunting”) (Marriage Records)

VA-WUAG 103.1 FM and Gate City Noise Presents: Sub Rosa Radio CD (“The Boom”) (No Label)

Mount Eerie Dances With Wolves/Wolf Mountain Howls “Into the World” LP (White vinyl) (PW) (600 copies)

Mount Eerie Dances With Wolves/Wolf Mountain Howls “Into the World” (Digital album) (PW)

Singers/No Flashlight 2CD Promo/press release (came with a hand written note from Phil) (PW)

No Flashlight LP (White vinyl, w/CD) (PW) (Aug. 16th, 2005)

No Flashlight (Digital album) (PW)

No Flashlight CD (Japanese import on 7ep w/3 bonus tracks)

No Flashlight CD (Danish import on Play/Rec w/4 bonus tracks)

No Flashlight CD (Australian import on Art School Dropout w/4 bonus tracks)

“Little Songs” Book

Singers "Portland Version" LP (Rice paper sleeve, with insert, limited to 40 copies?)

Singers LP w/CD (White vinyl) (PW) (Sept. 6th, 2005)

Singers CD (Tour only, covers made from folded up LP covers)

Singers (Digital album) (PW)

The Drums from No Flashlight LP (White Vinyl) (PW)

The Drums from No Flashlight (Digital album) (PW)

VA-Play/Record Comp. CD (“Not Too Fancy”) (Play/Rec)

“Short Songs” Book

Egil’s Saga (7 CD Box Set) (PW)


Live from "The Business 1717 Commercial Avenue Anacortes" (Two tracks from a show with WHYSP and Finches that Karl Blau posted on his website) ("2 Lakes" & "Waterfalls") (KELP)

Four Band Split 7” (Black and white screened cover) (w/Thanksgiving etc…) (White vinyl) (“Let’s Get Out of the Romance [Black]”) (Stop Drop Records)

Four Band Split 7” (Yellow and red screened cover) (w/Thanksgiving etc…) (White vinyl) (“Let’s Get Out of the Romance [Black]”) (Stop Drop Records)

VA-Live at the Artistry CD (“In a Generous Way”) (Artistry Record Company) (June 10, 2006)

VA-Free the Bird Comp (Peace Sign) (What the Heck Fest 2006 Comp) (“Cooking”)

VA-Nervous Jerk E.S.P. CD (“Cooking” *Same version featured on the 2006 What the Heck Fest CD) (Nervous Jerk/Inertia)

Nikaidoh Kazumi US Tour DVD (Various tour footage of Phil, the moools, etc...)(2006) (mrrn film)


Mount Eerie Pt.6/7 + Book (Giant picture book w/ 10” picture disc) (July) (PW)

Mount Eerie Pt.6/7 (Digital album) (July) (PW)

VA-What Tha Heck Fest 2007 CD (and later digital album) (What tha Heck)

VA-The Second Marriage Records Comp. 2CD (“In Moonlight [Live]”) (Marriage Records) (Sept 4, 2007) (*This is the same version of the song that later ended up on the CD version of Black Wooden Ceiling Opening)


VA-David Shrigley’s Worried Noodles Snippet Album CD (Sampler of 1 minute excerpts from all tracks)

VA-David Shrigley's Worried Noodles Promo CD

VA-David Shrigley’s Worried Noodles 2CD+harcover book (Same as above)

VA-Yeti Zine (Issue 5) Zine+CD (“Blue Light [Instrumental]”) (March 7, 2008) (Yeti Publishing LLC)

Brussels After Midnight (Live) (DL only) (June 6, 2008)

VA-No Band is an Island (What the Heck Fest 2008 Comp) CD (and later digital album)
(“Wind Summons” *which is actually the acoustic version of the song featured on the import versions of the Wind’s Poem CD)

No Flashlight LP (White vinyl, w/CD, zine version) (limited to 114 copies) (Early Aug, 2008) (PW)

Black Wooden Ceiling Opening 10”/CD/Digital Album (Black vinyl) (PW)

Black Wooden Ceiling Opening (poster only) (PW)

Fog Movies DVD (PW)

Lost Wisdom CD (PW) (Oct 7 2008)

Lost Wisdom (Digital album) (PW)

Lost Wisdom LP (Clear vinyl) (PW)

Lost Wisdom LP (White vinyl) (PW)

Lost Wisdom LP (Light blue marble vinyl) (PW)

Lost Wisdom LP (Brown marble vinyl) (PW)

Dawn LP (White Vinyl) (PW) (Nov 1, 2008)

Dawn LP (w/promo poster?) (Seen a copy of Dawn for sale on ebay a few times with a little promo poster included. Not sure if some copies had this as an insert or if this is a random pairing) (White vinyl) (PW) (Nov 1, 2008)

Dawn (Digital album) (PW)

Dawn Book+CD (PW)

Dawn (Audio Book) (Digital book) (PW)

Split 7" w/ No Kids (White vinyl) ("Through the Trees" [Excerpt], Caff/Lick) (PW)

House on the Hill (Download only) (Nov. 5 ???)

VA-14 Tracks for the Dusty Veranda (MP3 Bundle, Boomkat) (“I Know No One” same version as the No Flashlight LP) (Dec 2008)


Black Wooden Ceiling Opening 10"/CD (2nd art version) (Black vinyl) (PW)

Black Wooden EP CD (Southern) (1000 copies)

Black Wooden LP (Black Vinyl) (Southern) (900 copies)

Black Wooden LP (Clear Vinyl) (Southern) (100 copies)

White Stag CDR (PW)

White Stag (Digital album) (PW)

VA-Tiny Mixtapes Vol. 1: Darfur CD ("Calf In Pasture") (April 2009) (Tiny Mix Tapes)

VA-Tiny Mixtapes Vol. 1: Darfur LP (Same as above)

Wind’s Poem Promo CD (PW)

Wind's Poem CD (PW) (July 14, 2009)

Wind’s Poem (Digital album) (PW)

Wind’s Poem 2LP (Black Vinyl, record store only?) (PW)

Wind’s Poem 2LP (Clear Vinyl) (PW)

Wind's Poem CD (German import on Tomlab w/3 extra tracks)

Wind's Poem CD (Japanese import on 7ep w/4 extra tracks)

Wind’s Poem 2LP (Black Vinyl) (German Import on Tomlab w/ 3 Bonus Tracks)

VA-Penny Ante 3 (Magazine w/ CD Comp) ("Mystery Language") (Sept. 2009) (Limited to 2500 copies, first 2000 came with the CD, magazine itself also featured a contribution from Phil.)

VA-Mind the Gap Vol. 81 (“Wind’s Dark Poem” LP version) (Nov 2009) (Gonzo)

VA-Moriyama Zoo No.1 Tribute to Daido Moriyama (book+CD+2LP etc…) ("In the Rain") (Nov. 30, 2009) (Powershovel Books) (I am unclear on whether there is some sort of hardcover/softcover limited/not limited versions of this going around out there, all the descriptions are rather vague)


Daytrotter Session 2/15/10 (Download only) (4 songs) (Daytrotter)

VA-Motal Mozaique 2010 Sampler ("Wild Speaks" *obviously a misspelling of “Wind Speaks, and the same version from the album Wind’s Poem) (Free sampler from the Motel Mozaique Festival in Rotterdam, April 2010)

VA-In Every Town: An All-ages Music Manualfesto (book+download) (Aug 23, 2010) (All-Ages Movement Project)

Song Islands 2 LP+download/Digital Album (Sept 17, 2010) (White vinyl) (PW)


VA-Rawanda Benefit LP/DL (Limited to 350 copies, 50 w/silk screened cover, 25 copies released with additional phto book) (“Uncertainty”) (Black vinyl) ("Funding" ended Sept. 15 2010, can't recall the exact date I got this in the mail. Early 2011) (NFJM, funded through Kickstarter)

Wind's Poem "Playbutton" (playbutton)

VA-Resume Compilation (Vol. 1) (MP3 only) (Part of a 3 volume charity release to benefit victims of the earthquake in Japan) ("To The Ground") (7ep)


Split 7" w/ Dub Narcotic Sound System (Distorted Cymbals/Anglepoise Cymbal) (B-side is a remix by Dub Narcotic Sound System) (Black Vinyl) (K)

To The Ground/Mouth Of The Sky (M.I.D.I. strings) 7"/DL (Limited to 300 copies) (Spring 2012) (Black vinyl) (Atelier Ciseaux)

To The Ground/Mouth Of The Sky (M.I.D.I. strings) (Digital album) (April 10th 2012) (PW/Bandcamp)

Mount Eerie pts. 6 & 7 Book+10" Picture disc (Same as previous release of book but with different pictures on the vinyl and a new wraparound cover) (Spring 2012) (PW)

VA-"This Is The Time For It" Songs By Katy Davidson Benefit Compilation cassette ("When The Morning Comes") (Spring 2012) (Wizards Of The Ghost)

PW Bandcamp page went up somewhere around here, replacing the former PW digital DL page)

Alphabet Series Ö Digital album (The Place Lives b/w The Place I Live)  (April 10th 2012, actually available digitally several months before the physical release) (PW/Bandcamp)

Clear Moon LP/DL (Clear vinyl+DL card) (May 22nd 2012) (PW)

Clear Moon (Digital album) (PW/Bandcamp)

Alphabet Series Ö 7" (The Place Lives b/w The Place I Live) (Black vinyl) (Limited to 300 copies) (Tomlab)

VA-The Business Select Vol.1 Compilation CD (Questions In A World So Blue, Julee Cruise Cover) (July 2012) (The Business)

2012 Silkscreened NW Tour Poster (Limited to 50 copies) (Broken Press)

Clear Moon/Ocean Roar Double CD (July 2012) (7ep)

Ocean Roar LP/DL (Black vinyl+DL card) (Sept. 4th 2012) (PW)


“The Last Hit” Soundtrack/Score (all that’s out there right now is a short trailer for the movie which doesn’t feature his music)

VA- “privately released wedding CDR in Chicago which may or may not have happened” (“Where is My Tarp?”) (No label)

VA-Unnamed, unreleased tribute to Old Time Religion (“Mystery Language”) (No Label)

VA-Re-membering Vol.1 Compilation Cassette (Cold Mountain [Black]) (No Label)

Known live recordings
(most formerly downloadable at the, now defunct, Mt. Eerie Preservation Society website)--------------------

*Because of the sometimes confusing labeling accompanying these live downloads all recordings will be listed chronologically without attempting to differentiate between “Mount Eerie” shows and “Microphones shows”

**I will eventually, hopefully, be providing links to download ZIP files all of these recordings sometime in the near future.

***I would also love, eventually to add Youtube postings of live recordings etc... to this section. But. at the moment, the prospect of doing that feels overwhelming. Check back.

Live On KRUA In Anchorage, Alaska, 03-02-99 (6 Songs)

Live At Luna Lounge, CMJ Festival, NYC (2000) (13 Songs)

Live At Bottom Of The Hill 02-05-02 (14 Songs)

Live At The Babylon, Minneapolis, MN (08-29-02) (“Live At MPLS”) (10 Songs)

Live At Maxwell's 09-08-02 (10 Songs)

Live At Pete's Candy Store (09-09-02) (17 Songs)

Live On VPRO 747AM 'De Avonden' Session 10-09-02 (8 Songs)

Live In Chicago (08-12-02) (10 Songs)

Live At Bard College (2003) (15 Songs)

Live In Dundee (2003) (14 Songs)

Live In Walla Walla (2003) (16 Songs)

Live On KAOS (2003) (14 Songs)

Live On Phoning It In (2003) (15 Songs)

Live At AS220, Providence, RI (05-25-03) (17 Songs)

Live At The Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA (05-27-03) (“Live In Boston”) (12 Songs)

Live At The Iron Horse, Northampton, MA (05-28-03) (18 Songs)

Live At Festival Do Porto, Club Mercedes, Portugal (06-26-03) (14 Songs)

Live At What The Heck Fest 2003, Shipwreck Day, Anacortes, WA (07-18-03) (7 Songs)

Live At Dionises, Chicago, IL (06-08-03) (“Cold Mountain 2003”) (19 Songs)

Live At Department Of Safety, Anacortes (06-20-03) (16 Songs)

Live At Jerisich Park (09-24-03) (10 Songs)

Live Before The Halloween Show (2003) (5 Songs)

Live In San Francisco (11-11-03) (16 Songs)

Live At The Y, 2004 (25 Songs)

Live At The Shop, Spokane, WA (05-06-04) (12 Songs)

Live At Rob Roy Hotel 07-01-04 (16 Songs)

Live At What The Heck Fest 2004, Anacortes, WA (2004) (8 Songs)

Live At The BLD, Ohio (08-29-04) (15 Songs)

Live At The Tokyo Rose, VA (09-23-04) (16 Songs)

Live At SS Marie Antionette (2005) (8 Songs)

Live At Copenhagen Huset, Denmark (06-03-05) (29 Songs)

Live At Seattle Center (06-25-05) (19 Songs)

Live At Anacortes City Hall Basement (07-15-05) (20 Songs)

Live Outside The Old Redmond Firehouse (07-20-05) (16 Songs)

Live At The Orange Room, Portland (07-22-05) (18 Songs)

Live At Catch That Beat (08-27-05) (9 Songs)

Live At The Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA (04-29-06) (15 Songs)

Live At The Luminaire, London, UK (05-23-06) (30 Songs)

Live At The LSE Shaw Library, London, UK (05-24-06) (16 Songs)

Live At The Anacortes City Hall Basement 07-14-06 (20 Songs)

Live At The Vera Project 02-25-07 (19 Songs)

Live At South Union Arts-Chicago, IL-06-01-07 (20 Songs)

Live At Anacortes City Hall Basement 07-21-07 (12 Songs)

Live At Helsing Junction Farm, Rochester, WA (Helsing Junction Sleepover) 8-19-07 (4 Songs)

Live At The Dept. Of Safety 10-01-07 (9 Songs)

Live 11-10-07 (2 Sets, 15 Songs and 27 Songs)

Live At The Helm Gallery 04-18-08 (18 Songs)

Live 05-29-08 (17 Songs)

Live On Warsaw Polish Radio 3 05-30-08 (Interview and 1 song)

Brussels Saint Lukas Hogeschool After Midnight 06-06-08 (33 Songs) (Also listed above in the Mount Eerie section as “Brussels After Midnight”)

Live At Anacortes City Hall Basement 07-18-08 (9 Songs)

Live At Good Records 09-09-08 (13 Songs)

Live At The Granada 09-09-08 (11 Songs)

Live 09-17-08 (16 Songs)

Live At The Old Redmond Firehouse 03-06-09 (10 Songs)

Live At The First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA 10-25-09 (16 Songs)

Live At Cafe Irie, Dublin, Ireland 05-03-12 (3 Songs for an online TV thing)

Live In Paris, France 05-15-12

Misc. (Production, P.W. Elverum releases, etc…)
--including other paraphernalia not covered in previous sections

P.W. Elverum & Sun

Water Activated Packing Tape #1 (Edition of 10)

Water Activated Packing Tape #2 (Wind) (Edition of 10)

(There appears to be a new packing tape that they're using, circa Winter 2010, but not selling, it is red and white with a little design on it and it says PW Elverum and Sun along the edge)

(There is a little series of silver stickers, used for shipping and whatnot. One is a tiny round picture of the moon, one is a sunburst of the PW label information, one is an earlier version of the PW info with what appears to be a similar flourish as the "Wind" packing tape, one is a sunburst which informs you that the LP you are holding includes a CD version of the same)

PW Elverum and Sun First Mail Catalog (Letter pressed) (Jan. 2006) (Sold for 1 cent)

"How To Buy Mount Eerie Pts. 6 and 7" (Instructional scrap of paper)

"How To Record On 8 Tracks" Pamphlet

“Mount Eerie” Shirt (Black only?) (PW)

Mount Eerie Tour t-shirt (Pink, Green) (Sizes? From the 2009 tour)

Mount Eerie Kitteleson Shirt Series (1-4) (Originally available in Mens S-XL and Womens S-XL) (PW)

Wind’s Poem Glow-in-the-Dark Pennant (2 versions, one with trees and says ''Wind's Poem", the other ...???)

What The Heck Fest 2011 Promo postcard

The Unknown (2011, new website/show space/organization launched to replace What The Heck Fest)

The Unknown Promo postcard

Price list of all PW items currently for sale on the tour, 2011 (Small card stock sign from the merch table)

Tour only pins (Square buttons with a new Wind's Poem logo being sold on the 2011 tour)

"Store only" tour pins (2 1" buttons that Phil said they "weren't selling, they're just for stores" I'm guessing as a promo item at stops along the 2011 tour)

2011 Wind's Poem Tour T-shirts "Mount Eerie Sigil" (Available in black or white, S-XL)

2012 House Shape T-shirt (Available in creme or pink, S-XL)

Peace: On Earth CDR/Digital album

The Spectacle: Rope or Guillotine LP/Digital Album

Key Losers: California Lite (LP/Download)

Nicholas Krgovich: It Was Never You (7"/Download)

Free Wind's Poem "poster thing" given away to the first fifty people that ordered the Key Losers and Nicholas Krgovich records together

Mount Eerie "Download Tour Poster 45mb" (A download only .tif file put up on the PW site as a promotion for the summer Mount Eerie tour of 2011)

ANDO-PR (Booklet)

ANDO-PR 2 One-sheet PDFPW Elverum & Sun Art Store (from the website: An edition of seventeen massive photographs, blown up to 62” x 43” and printed on archival quality inkjet photo paper.
Each image is in an edition of 10 prints, signed and numbered, shipped rolled in a tube.
Most of these untitled photographs are from the book Mount Eerie pts. 6 & 7, taken on film by Phil Elverum. Grainy and overwhelming, big atmospheres. Uncropped and blown up to the size of a small billboard they dominate the average sized room, more effectively allowing the viewer to get inside the distorted landscape. Cost is $450 plus shipping.)
Fancy People Adventures Webpage (Phil’s drawings & cartoons)

Fancy People Adventures Day-to-Day Calender (2005)

Fancy People Adventures Comic strips (Hand drawn and sold at shows "from a few years back")

Flier from Phil's Art show "In Dreams"

"Escaped Wolf Still At Large" (A series of 4? prints? sold at an art show?)

Fancy People Adventures T-shirt (One design, American Apparel T-shirts available in Mens XL- Womens L, released mid-December 2010)

"Kurt Cobain Jr." T-shirt (Info same as FPA tees)

"Special People Day" T-shirt (Info same as FPA tees)

What The Heck Fest 2011 T-shirts (Available in Red, Blue and Black, women's and men's sizes)

Bret Lunsford “Anacortes” Book (Distributed by PW)

Bret Lunsford "Croation Fishing Families of Anacortes" Book (Cover designed by Phil, Distributed by PW)

O Paon: Courses (LP/CD/DL)


cLOUDDEAD 10 LP/CD (“Phil Everum’s drums” are sampled on “Son Of A Gun”) (Anticon)

Joshua Treble: Type Mix (MP3) (“I Love it so Much”) (Type) (Nov 15, 2009) (*Same version that appears on Eleven Old Songs)

Magical, Beautiful: Summers Are Better Than Others CDR comp/mix (“instrumental” by The Microphones is used) (*Same version from The Glow Pt.2) (July 19, 2007) (I Hear a New World)
Nero’s Day at Disneyland: Trickle Down Economixxx MP3 DL (“The Glow pt.2” by The Microphones is used) (*Same version from The Glow Pt.2) (Dec 2008) (Cock Rock Disco)

VA-Maximocast #6 Sounds From the Part Part 3:The Desert Drive Mix MP3 (“What?”) (No Label) (Dec 4, 2008) (*This is redundant with the version of “What” from No Flashlight)

VA-Ragazza Pop Comp. 2LP (Mixtape featuring “Don’t” by Mirah on which Phil does production) (S.H.A.D.O. Records, 2003)

Breakfast Exclusive Presents "The Original Free 60 Minute Mixtape" ("Wooly Mammoth's Might Absence-King Keyworth Bootleg") (Remix of the song included in a free digital download mixtape)

Adrian Orange And Her Band

Adrian Orange And Her Band LP (Drums, percussion , vocals, recording, engineering) (K, 2007)

Interdependence Dance 7” (Drums) (K, 2007)

Beat Happening


Angel Gone/Zombie Limbo Time 7” (Recording, side A) (K, 2000)

Music To Climb The Apple Tree By CD/LP (Production, track 1) (K, 2003)

The Blow


Don’t Do The Bomb Before My Moustache Comes CD (“Recorded by [Tape]” track 5, “Performer [bystander reports]” track 4) (K, 2002?)

Bonus Album (K, 2002) (Production on tracks 3, 8)

Bonnie “Prince” Billy And The Cairo Gang

The Wonder Show Of The World CD/LP (many various domestic and import versions, some limited some featuring bonus 7”s etc…) (Choir, tracks 5, 10) (Drag City/Domino, 2010)

Calvin Johnson

What Was Me CD/LP (Recording, track 4) (K, 2002)

Before The Dream Faded LP/CD (Various instruments on tracks 6, 9) (K, 2005)

(Phil plays multiple instruments, mostly drums, and does vocals throughout the D+ releases)

D+ Book/Heatherwood 7" (K, 1996)

D+ LP/CD (K/Knw-Yr-Own, 1997)

VA- Knw-Yr-Own Cassette (See above) (“Cut It Out”) (1998, Knw-Yr-Own)

D+ Dandelion Seeds LP/CD (K/Knw-yr-Own, 1998)

VA-Remote Wing Comp. CD (See above) (“Up And Died”) (2001, Knw-Yr-Own)

D+ Mistake CD (Knw-Yr-Own, 2002)

VA-Shipwreck Day Comp. CD (See above) (“Take You For Granted”) (2002, Knw-Yr-Own)

D+ Deception Pass CD (Knw-Yr-Own, 2003)

VA-What The Heck Fest Comp. CD (See above) (“Why Oh Why Oh”) (2003, Knw-Yr-Own)

VA-Flotsam And Jetsam Comp. CD (See above) (“Red White And Blue Lite”) (2005, Kelp Monthly)

VA-Free The Bird Comp. CD (See above) (“Pandora Balks”) (2006, Kelp Monthly)

D+ No Mystery LP (includes CDR) (2006, PW Elverum)

D+ No Mystery Digital Album (PW)

D+ What Is Doubt For? CD (Knw-Yr-Own, 2008)

VA-Yeti Magazine Issue 5 Comp CD (See above) (“Clever Knot”) (2008)

D+ On Purpose CD (Limited to 700, rarities comp.) (Knw-Yr-Own, 2008)

Dub Narcotic Sound System & Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Sideways Soul: Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets Jon Spencer Blues Explosion In A Dancehall Style! CD/LP/Import (Engineering) (1999, K/Au Go Go [Australia])

The Finches

Human Like A House CD (Lyrics for track 10) (Dulc-I-Tone, 2007)



Ditherer CD (“Performed with…”) (Lex Records, 2007)

Get The Hell Out Of The Way Of The Volcano

Everyday Examples Of Humans Facing Straight Into The Blow Cassette (Production) (No Label, late 2000)

Hymie's Basement

"21st Century Pop Song (Mount Eerie Remix)” MP3 (Original version from the "Hymie's Basement" LP (Lex Records, 2003)

Jason Traeger


My Religion Is Love CD (???) (K, 1999)

Karl Blau


The Dark, Magic Sea CDR (and later as a digital DL) (Additional vocals) (Kelp, 2003)

Clothe Your Eyes CD (Engineering, vocals track 10) (Knw-Yr-Own)

Khaela Marich

Look For It In The Sky And It Will Always Be There CS/CD reissue (Recording) (???/Knw-Yr-Own, 1998/???)


"Cloud Chaser" (Phil Elverum Remix) MP3 DL (Original version on the Kit LP "Invocation" on Upset The Rhythm)



You Think It’s Like This But It’s Really Like This CD/LP (Recording, Chorus on track 7, “additional instruments”) (K, 2000)

Cold Cold Water 7"/CD Maxi (Recording on side A/tracks 1, 5-12) (K, 2002)

Advisory Committee LP/CD (Bass, tracks 1, 8, 12. Melodica, track 8. Guitar, tracks 1, 3. Organ, tracks 1,12. Percussion, track 4. Piano, track 3. “Other Machines”, track 4. Vocals, track 8. Recording, production, throughout.) (K, 2002)

We’re Both So Sorry 7" (Production, side A) (2004, Alice Records)

Share This Place-Stories & Observations (w/ Spectratone International) CD (Mixing/Production tracks 2, 4, 8, 9, 11, 12) (K, 2007)

Joyride (Remixes) 2CD/2LP (Track 12 “Don’t Die In Me” Version By Mount Eerie) (K, 2006)


Dub Narcotic Session CD/DVD (“Steel drums, vocals, recorded, produced, mastered by“) (Mools Entertainment, 2005)


Cherry Trees/An Afternoon At The Pendleton's 7" Picturedisc (B-side recorded and mixed by Phil, he also performs on it in some uncredited fashion) (Aagoo Records, 2010)

Old Time Relijun

Songbook Vol.1 CD (Drums) (Pine Cone Alley, 1997)

Jail 7” (Drums) (K, 1998)

Uterus And Fire CD/LP (Drums) (K, 1999)

La Sirena De Pecera CD/LP (Drums) (K, 2000)

Witchcraft Rebellion CD/LP (Drums) (K, 2000)

The Poison Dart

Not sure about this one. I know he's played with them and they've played on his records maybe. But I don't have any specific release info either way. Help me out folks...

Revolutionarre Le Hydra

L’Amiral Suisse EP (Recording and “noisy guitar”) (Burnout Records, 2001)


The Ghost And The Eyes With Trees In The Ground Outside The Window CD (Production, mixing) (2005, States Rights Records/Slender Means Society)

Welcome Nowhere LP+CDR/Book (Original release) (Misc?) (PW, 2004)

Thanksgiving 3LP/CDR (Misc?) (Marriage Records/PW, 2005)

Welcome Nowhere 2LP/Digital Album (Reissue) (Misc?) (PW, 2007)


Future Fusion Vision Wave CD/LP (Trumpet, track 5, percussion) (K, 2003)


Self-titled LP (first release, produced by Phil)



Pamplemoussi LP/Book (Track 2 recorded/mixed) (L’Oie De Cravan, 2004)

Tout Seul Dans La Foret En Plein Jour, Ave-Vous Peur? CD/LP (Recorded by) (K, 2007)

The Watery Graves Of Portland And Genevieve LP (“Voice/mixed by…”) (Marriage Records, 2007)

Gris 10”/CD/Digital Album (Percussion, track 3) (PW, 2006)



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I have a copy of the glow pt 2 with the insert and recently got an unopened copy as well. Upon opening i was surprised to see it had a poster instead. Are there any differences besides insert vs poster? The vinyl and cover look identical, minus the previously unopened one being a bit more vivid in color. Strange.

  3. yeah i'm perplexed about this as well. It seems to me there is a version with the poster and no insert, and one with the insert and no poster. My guess was that these are 1st and 2nd prints though I have no info to back that up and would love some. I've also seen things that suggest there was a European release of this vinyl as well and i so far have no info on that...

  4. I have an LP copy of 'No Flashlight' that was sold to the record store I was working for a few years ago. The guy who sold it said he bought it at a show. It's the record from No Flashlight but the sleeve is a screenprinted inside-out Singers LP cover. Apparently Phil had some extras of each or something?
    Are you familiar with this? Any back story?

  5. Hey, late reply on this. Yeah, I forget the exact number at this point, it's like 144 or something. He just had this random number of extra copies of that LP but without the sleeve so he made those "limited edition" ones with the inside out singers covers and photocopied version of all the info from the foldout. It's pretty badass in it's own way.