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VA-The Way Things Change (Volume 2) 7": You're Standing On The Ground (Red Square, 2001)

(7" cover front, back, vinyl and inner label front, back)

VA-The Way Things Change (Volume 2) 7": You're Standing On The Ground

-Recorded at various times and places by various people*

*In the liner notes to the "Song Islands" comp. Phil writes: "...recorded nobody knows when" and I guess if he isn't going to hazard a guess, neither should I. Certainly sometime pre-2001.

-Released sometime in 2001 by Red Square Records (RSQ004) (4465 Spring Meadow Circle Flagstaff, AZ 86004/Jen (There is a website listed for the label, though when I tried to go to it, it appeared to be someone's blog all in, possibly, Chinese: I even tried putting the site location into one of those online translators but it didn't seem to want to do it, oh well)

-Pretty sure this series was only ever released on vinyl (an ongoing series of maybe 6 7"s I think) with no corresponding CD collection of them. No idea the pressing numbers but I'd guess less than 500 each.

-Vinyl plays at 33 1/3 speed and is 180 Gram translucent orange/yellow. Inner groove info appears to be stamped rather than written (RSQ 04 MFG. CZECH/IOS 4 15-487-3444 A and B)

-No Insert.

-No indication who designed the cover or the inner labels on the 7" (It should be noted the sides are designated as C and D [rather than A and B] as this was the second record in the series. One assumed that the third records' sides would be labeled E and F and so on...)

-This song would appear (same version, though named slightly differently) on the "Song Islands" CD


Continuing with the "Song Islands" theme portion of this blog we have the Red Square "The Way Things Change" Compilation, Volume Two. This one, as you can see, is pressed on lovely orangey yellow wax, and it's heavy! I mean, this has to be 180 gram which is quite the anomaly for a little label putting out a tiny comp series of random artists. But hey, good for them! It's wonderful.

This is a really cool little label and, looking into their history
I realize now that the reason they ring a bell was that way back in the day, at Newbury Comics, I think it was my "friend" Matt J who was collecting these and, at some point, he made me a tape of all the ones he had, maybe 1-3, that I cherished a lot. I was particularly into the Jen Turrell track from volume 1. All of these comps come on this heavy vinyl and all different colors. As far as 7" series' go this one is definitely worth the time to track down and acquire.

Now, having said that, I will be ashamed to admit that I haven't even really listened to the rest of this. It's easy to see, just from the track list, that it's going to be lovely. You can't really mess with The Softies or Dear Nora. But, anyway...

Here we have "You're Standing On The Ground". Not, as it attributed on "Song Islands", "You're Standing On The Ground (Version)", though it is, in fact, the same version (no pun intended).

We can only guess at what differentiates this track from the "original version" seeing that, as far as I know, there has never been a release of the non-"version" version of this track.

It certainly has that "version-y" feel to it, as witnessed on The Moon 7" and the bonus tracks on the Glow Pt.2 rerelease LP. But, alas, like many pieces of Phil's legacy, we may never know.
(not featured on a mix, to date)

Side C:

The Softies-Hey Hey Girl
Mac Dare-Where Did All The Preppy Girls Go?
Park-Name On Container

Side D:
The Bright Lights-Fire Moon
The Microphones-You're Standing On The Ground
Dear Nora-Philadelphia


Right around the time I was hearing The Microphones for the first time, but too early to really have them stand out for me, a then friend of mine, Matt, was really into this 7" series. He made me a tape of all of the volumes he had at that point, which I recall listening to and liking a lot. It was not until recently, going through tons of old cassettes that I found this tape and remembered it.

Obviously nothing to do with this release or Phil directly but I thought it ought to be added as a personal footnote, as far as my personal history with this release goes.


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