Monday, July 5, 2010

Mount Eerie Buttons/Pins (Set of Four)

Pin/Button (Set of Four)

This was something I picked up early in my ebay career (earlier this year, I am a perpetual latecomer). I have no idea where these came from or who made them but I don't at all think they are an "official" release. They just showed up one day on the ebay auction and there were several sets available and (as we all kind of know) I am a fan of having twos of certain things, like pins and I am not sure I recall why I didn't order two of these sets. The next thing I knew they were gone and I just had to thank my lucky stars that I got one at all.

One is clearly based on the logo from the Microphones "Mount Eerie" LP, one features a detail from the LP version of that release (the face), one has the cover of the "Song Islands" CD and one has the logo which, apparently, was featured on some of the "Two New Songs By Mount Eerie" 12", the first release on Phil's PW Elverum and Sun label.

I am guessing that Phil did not have a hand in making these as they were available for a time (multiple sets) on ebay from some random person. Moreover they do not have any copywrite info around the edges, as pins tend to have.

They are your average 1" pins with removable pinback (as seen in the picture above).

I wear the "Mount Eerie" LP logo one on my major summertime cut-offs and am often in fear of losing it (as I have a long history of losing a lot of my favorite pins off of my clothing). I think I placed it there, below the right front pocket, not too long before I took my trip to Boston this summer. As seen here:

Not much more to say about these, though I wish there was. I wish I knew who made them, where they came from and how many were produced so I could report the info here for posterity. But, as I am sure I will have to get used to, this information will often, about many of the various items we discuss herein, be lost forever to the tides of history.
I cherish them, regardless.
Thank you, whoever.


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