Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mount Eerie/Theodore Kittelsen "SHIRT SERIES" (Set One)

("hoestkveld", "pestaleaves", "pestaarrives", "stumpshape" and all four together on my living room floor, t-shirt tag info, a screencap from the PW Elverum site)


-Styles to date: 4

-Originally available in eight sizes: Mens small, med, large, X-large/Womens small, med, large, X-large

-Printed on black American Apparel T-shirts, 100% combined cotton.

-Number produced: no idea. Maybe I could ask Phil, but I'm also sort of guessing that these are being made to order to a certain extent since, shortly after they went on sale, most of the small and medium sizes were briefly unavailable and then returned.

To accompany today's post about July, July and all that...

Not sure if any, besides, the most supremely dorky among us was aware of this wonderfulness or that it had actually finally come about (some of us might kinda just check the PW Elverum and Sun site kinda like everyday...). And yes, ok, I got all four that there were, is that so wrong? They just looked so haunting and mysterious. And, I mean, let's not shit ourselves, what was I not gonna get all of them?

They arrived super fast. I was excited about them, but when they got here I got more excited. There was just something so perfect, so apropos of the "Wind's Poem" album about them, something so perfectly black metal. I mean, come on, it's four all black t-shirts with really inscrutable prints on them in black and white. No words, no explanation, can't even really tell what I'm looking at. Strange pastoral scenes of some kind, rendered haunting and dark. The images remind me a little of the beautiful background art in the Cerebus comics.

From the website:

A series of black t-shirts featuring the art of Theodor Kittelsen, legendary illustrator from old Norway, our favorite artist.
These are not “Mount Eerie” shirts but you are welcome to think of them that way.
These are just shirts we wanted to wear ourselves and since we had to make a screen and everything, and since they turned out so great, we thought we’d offer them to everyone.
For now there are 4 designs. They are “American Apparel” brand, which means they’re made in the USA. They’re good quality shirts. No frills. Solid stitching. 100% cotton. Well made.
The images are printed really big in white, although most of the images themselves are pretty dark, as in grim.

They apparently have names:

though, having removed these from the shirts I know forget which was which. (Actually figured out a way to differentiate them finally, see above...)

Hoping for more in this series. Loving the new set up over at PW, now featuring a "Shirt Store" button. And, of course, one of the highlights of ordering directly from Phil is getting the package with your name written in Phil's handwriting. It's like getting an autograph or something.

and getting a post-mark from Anacortes always feels like receiving a transmission from Neverland or something,